Read What My Clients Have Said About Me.

Natasha L. Nur Sultan Kazakhstan – Hi Robbert-Jan, thank you for your message, everything is going well. I just defended my PhD thesis and I am very happy with my job. Actually the work vision you helped me to write is coming to life now as we speak. I am becoming a recognized expert in my field and I am the author of few articles, a book chapter and the dissertation book. I am also asked quite often to deliver presentations and I have been a keynote speaker on few occasions. Thank you so much for your amazing help! I hope all is good with you.

Jose G. Diplomat Thailand, Reconnected after 26 years of Exile from myself! – I have lived a full and in many ways a successful life; I have enjoyed being a good parent, I have partnered successful entrepreneurial businesses, I am athletic, loving, dependable, wealthy and healthy!

But always, since late childhood I have felt slightly disconnected, slightly locked up and unable to be emotional, to really feel. I couldn’t get round it, over or through it, even with earlier counseling help, so I kind of just accepted it as life’s limits for me. Ultimately, I ended up pretending or thinking my way through life with logic, rationality, sheer effort and modeling behavior from others, as my internal guidance did not seem to work so well.  Seeking so much happiness from the outside ultimately left me worn down, divorced, rich and isolated within a whole string of relationships.

The difference in my life has been quite astonishing since working with Robbert’s methodology:-

  • I am reconnected with my emotions and feelings.
  • I am able to connect to and be guided by my intuition.
  • Life just seems to flow, when I ‘go’ with my feelings in decision making.
  • The self-limiting beliefs that filled my life are changed; I can do anything I choose (I am actually learning to Dance!).
  • I have rediscovered the simple things in my life, and these bring added joy.
  • I am self-sufficient, energetic, and enthused by the moment of now.
  • Along the way, business has doubled this last year, I have met a wonderful woman on the same page as me, I am relaxed about life and I can cry at sad moments.
  • I have effectively left the ‘rat race’ behind and we now have an energetic successful business full of emotional intelligence and fun.

I have read books and researched under Robbert’s guidance and there is a big gap in the market for Wake Up With The Controlled Exit Strategy.

Robbert’s methodology brings together elements from differing sources including his personal insights and distills this into a compact digestible form. He utilizes visual models to explain concepts which are much easier to recall than long drafts of text I have seen other authors use. Robbert can be tough, straightforward and down to earth. His communication style is captivating, and challenging. I thoroughly recommend Robbert and his teachings to anyone who wants to change. I can be one of the most “rational” people I know, and I am astounded at the positive changes that have come through in the last year, and the new place from which I can observe the world.

Anoniem Utrecht Nederland – Ik heb vanmorgen met RJ een gesprek gehad om het af te ronden, hij heeft aangegeven dat ik hem nog kan berichten als ik vragen heb ofzo. Dus dat is erg fijn.Ik wil jullie, en de hele organisatie MEZ Nederland bedanken voor dit prachtige concept. Ik heb er niet heel lang gebruik van hoeven maken, maar het is zo fijn dat dit er is! RJ is een fijne coach, recht voor zijn raap en zegt waar het op staat. Dat is erg fijn.  Door hem heb ik in korte tijd al een paar dingetjes kunnen veranderen. Zo kan ik een mooie doorstart maken naar de therapie die volledig aansluit bij waar ik nodig heb! Thanks guys!

Nick R. Amsterdam the Netherlands – After acknowledging my repetitive behavior in failed relationships and associated personal struggles, Robbert helped me chip away at my mental barriers and fears. He has helped put me on a path of self-awareness and healing and, as a result, provided me with renewed confidence in listening to my spirit. Denying my Ego when making decisions has not been an easy practice but when I allow the Spirit its rightful place in my direction, it feels right, I feel centered and it ultimately provides me a welcome calm that I’m still getting used to. I hope that the guidance in Wake Up With The Controlled Exit Strategy E-book can be as insightful, encouraging and healing as the experiences I’ve had with Robbert.

Melissa C. Financial Manager South Africa – I would recommend reading Robbert’s E-book, Wake Up With The Controlled Exit Strategy to anyone who feels like something is holding them from enjoying their life and reaching their goals and potential.  I’m extremely grateful for the circumstances that brought me in contact with Robbert.  I met Robbert after relocating from South Africa to Holland, and sought out Expat coaching.  Robbert is the only person who has been able to conclusively help and guide me through making sense of my own life.

He is the only person who has truly been able to help me get to the core of what was deeply troubling me.  The work that I have done with Robbert left me feeling that for the first time in my life, that my slate was clean and that I could resume my life on an equal footing to everyone else.

Derrick & Lisa U.S.A. – Robbert, I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work and efforts that you contributed to our cause.  You have a beautiful heart and a soul full of love and compassion.  Please don’t ever change that, you are an amazing individual and if there is ever anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Take care of yourself and remember that you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart! Derrick & Lisa

Gary U.S.A. – Thank You Robbert for all your hard work and diligence and trusting us to move forward. Unfortunately things beyond our control dictate our lives. I know in my heart of hearts we will rise above this and prevail soon. I personally want to thank you for all you have done for me and I shall never forget your life lessons. I came to you tattered and broken and was continually beating myself up for the past. Your teachings in living in the moment and not trying to fix the past were lifesaving. I will live in the moment and rise above it all. I will soon be kicking ass and taking names and you will always be part of the successes I will attain. I’m not saying it is going to be easy but it will be done. Thank You for always believing in me and for the time being I understand but this will only be a short journey apart. You are a true friend and we will be in touch. Until then, Love, faith and living in the now will facilitate my success and I have you to thank. Eternally grateful. Gary

H.L. Iceland – “Robbert has been helping me to manage my multi-cultural long distance relationship between Iceland and China which resulted in an already 2 year happy marriage despite many cultural challenges and a lot of skepticism within our both families”

S.T. Mexico – We were living in Rio and at some point we moved back home. Then they eliminated my position.  I started a job search, learned a lot, and landed a new job in 2016. I just got promoted and started a new role within the company in Mar 2017.  My wife was a big support the whole time, good days and bad.  Your tools and guidance still help us.  Our kids are fine.  Our neighbors are awesome and so are their kids. I’m happy, healthy, low stress, and have a plan.  Hopefully we’ll get back internationally again at some point.  Let’s stay in touch.  Might need some help as kids get older and my responsibilities grow.

K.C United Kingdom – “I met and worked with Robbert during a very difficult time in my life when my marriage was failing. The help he gave me ultimately enabled me to deal with the situation in a very positive way and allowed me to move on with my life and to look forward to a future I am now enjoying to the fullest. That was six years ago and I am still benefiting from the work we did together. Through Robbert’s guidance I have learned a variety of strategies that enable me to handle situations that occur in balanced and grounded way and to enjoy life again.”

“I am very grateful to Robbert for his highly professional, supportive and focused coaching, which helped see me through a period of tough personal challenge. After some successful years working in Europe and China, I had relocated with the family to the Netherlands for an executive role with a multinational, and was struggling to adapt to the new job. Robbert helped by challenging some patterns of thought that were only digging me deeper into the hole I found myself in. I was able to regain a healthy perspective on my situation and broader needs, take control and dig myself out. I can strongly recommend Robbert to anyone needing help to navigate such troubled waters.”

S.C Bangkok – “It was very nice to meet you, and we definitely both felt it was a valuable day, talking to you, and going over our issues. We felt we can really work with this, and hopefully work out the issues we have. As for the homework, it is an impressive list, and I will do my best in the next days and weeks to work on it. Thank you again for your time and consideration.”

“I couldn’t believe what I discovered with Robert’s help. I had been holding on to old patterns for 20 years. It was tough to realize but made me happy as well. My road to self-discovery and healing had gone to another level. Robert can be quite confronting and he leaves no stone unturned but he will always stay respectful of your process and progress. My advice to other people, give him a try! I guarantee you will discover new things about yourself, things you had no clue about before!”

F.R. Marseille – “The difference in my life has been quite astonishing since working with Robert’s HIBMA methodology: I am reconnected with my emotions and feelings, I am able to connect to and be guided by my intuition and life just seems to flow, when I ‘go’ with my feelings in decision making. Along the way, business has doubled this last year, I have met a wonderful woman on the same page as me, I am relaxed about life and I can cry at sad moments. I have effectively left the ‘rat race’ behind and we now have an energetic successful business full of emotional intelligence and fun.”

“I really enjoyed meeting you. I believe that you are highly motivated to help people. Ever since our session I have been thinking about things in a new way that is giving me a fresh perspective that I believe is needed for my growth. I would really like to partner with you as I go through this period of self exploration to overcome my issues with anxiety. If possible, I would like to come back out this week and continue building on the foundation we are starting to lay. Thanks,”

Erica U.S.A. – “Being me” is a term frequently used and it was a revelation to me that I actually had no idea who I really was. After working with Robbert and his HIBMA program there was a knowing that I was finally going in the right direction. Looking back I realize how far I have come and I am now at a standpoint in which I am able to look within, accept what I find and not want to run away from it or hide it. I take responsibility for my life and my actions and accept the consequences. I am happy just being me.”

“I don’t think I will ever be fully able to express my gratitude to Robbert for showing me the way and for walking along with me at the beginning of my journey.”

K.Z Prague – “I’m doing ok thanks. Things are pretty tiring and hectic so I have not spent much time on my homework! I try to keep your comments in mind. Thanks for the support.”

“Thanks a lot for all your help!”