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About Robert.j.now

Hi, my name is Robert-Jan or RJ

I have been an Expat and Digital Nomad for more than 20 years.

I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life through my private practice.

I travel between Thailand and Europa helping people like yourself.

Do you want to gain confidence and find a better work-life balance?

I can help you slow down, downsize, declutter and make better conscious life decisions.

Any problem in your life starts with accepting that you need help.

I Can Help You!

How Robert can help you.


(Pre)Marriage and Relationship counseling. Life style coaching. Communication is key for lasting change in any area of your life.


Whether the Self-Exploration Work Book or the Wake-Up with the Controlled-Exit-Strategy e-book, there is always something to learn.


Career coaching. Getting that next promotion or starting for yourself. Quiet quitting or career cushioning is not a long term solution.

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